cashmere travel wrap

The Five Benefits of Cashmere

Explore five ways this noble, natural material benefits your body and why it’s ideal for travelling.

Kasmiri is all about luxurious cashmere you can take with you on all your life’s adventures be it at the opera or to keep you warm on a plane journey to an exciting destination.

Our exceptionally soft, sustainable and certified cashmere from Tibet and Mongolia is used to weave and knit cashmere scarves and wraps by artisan women in Nepal trained in their art passed down by their ancestors.

Ensuring our cashmere goats are happy is important to us. Their eco-friendly fibre is certified GOOD CASHMERE STANDARD among other international certifications. This means our cashmere is sustainably sourced from farms where goats are treated responsibly, the environment is protected and the social, ecological and economic living conditions of cashmere farmers and their families are respected.

This care and diligent attention ensures the premium quality of our cashmere you feel in our cashmere scarves, wraps and ponchos. Our cashmere range is unbelievably soft and is visibly luxurious, but also has a plethora of amazing benefits that you will appreciate.

Read on to discover the five ways this sensual, pure natural material is your wardrobe staple forever and why we at Kasmiri love it so much.

  1. Cashmere is a wonderful insulator and is 8 times more insulating than wool and it’s no wonder. The soft, fleecy underlay of the goat from where our cashmere is sourced is what keeps our goats warm in the extremely cold climates of their environment.
  2. Cashmere is incredibly breathable and while it is a wonderful insulator that keeps you warm, it will not trap the heat like other fibres. Instead, it adjusts to your body temperature to ensure you’re always comfortable. This makes it a delight to wear across all seasons.
  3. For next to skin comfort, cashmere is unsurpassed as the fibres are extremely fine at less than 19 microns in diameter. As a point of reference, human hair is 60 microns. This fine fibre is what makes cashmere so soft and one of the few fibres that are soft to the touch.
  4. Cashmere naturally has anti-bacterial properties and are therefore odour-resistant. This means you will not have to wash your cashmere frequently. As our range focuses on cashmere ponchos, scarves and wraps, unless you have a spillage, we recommend you wash your garment just once a season. Better all round for the environment and your time and convenience, especially when travelling.
  5. Cashmere is so light, airy and wrinkle-resistant, it’s perfect for travelling. Not only will it keep you warm and stylish on your travels no matter the weather, it is compact for your tote bag and your suitcase.

Our beautiful range in a wide range of colours has been designed and made lovingly for you to enjoy for a long time wherever your adventures take you.