Cashmere Care

Caring for Your Cashmere

Cashmere is one of the most long-lasting natural fibres in the world and with a little love and care will become a family heirloom that will be loved for generations.

Care instructions

Hand wash your cashmere only in cold water using a clean bowl and with the mildest detergent such as an organic body wash or baby shampoo. A dollop of detergent is all you need.

Never use wool softeners. Gently place your cashmere on a clean towel, roll and press the excess water out of your cashmere. No wringing, twisting, rubbing or stretching as this will damage the delicate cashmere fibres.

Lay your cashmere on a clean, dry towel and dry flat in shade, away from direct sunlight. If you wish, carefully iron your cashmere on gentle setting with steam.

Unless there is a spillage on your cashmere, don’t feel that you need to wash your cashmere regularly. Cashmere has its own antibacterial properties that help to keep it fresh even after many wears. Read more about the benefits of cashmere in our Journal.

If you prefer, you may dry-clean your cashmere although hand washing will make your cashmere softer. Ensure your dry cleaner has experience with cashmere.

Ensure your cashmere is clean and dry before storing it away in a closet or drawer that is dry and cool. It’s a good idea to store your cashmere in our Kasmiri box to prevent it from rubbing against other clothes and for safe-keeping.

Your Kasmiri is an investment and with love and care you will enjoy it for many years.